How To Trade And Make Money From Forex Without Investing A Dime

How To Trade And Make Money From Forex Without Investing A Dime

Are you interested in how to trade and make money from forex without investing a dime? Then read on because I prepared this article specifically for you. As an experienced trader or even an upcoming trader, you know how profitable the forex market is. Experts believe that the forex market trades up to 8 trillion dollars daily. So you can see the huge profit a good trader can make from the forex market. But what if you are a trader with no capital to trade forex? Are you 100% sure you can generate a steady profit daily from trading forex? Then I will show you a simple trick to use and be making a steady income from forex trade.
Have you heard of an angel investor? Well if you haven’t, let me explain to you what an angel investor is. An angel investor is someone who has money and is looking for any business idea to invest in that will fetch him or her profit. An angel investor is ever ready to invest in any business idea so long as it will generate a steady income for him or her. An angel investor can be anybody you know or don’t even know. He or she may be your parent, sibling, relative, friends or even a stranger.
For you to start trading and making money from forex without investing a dime, you have to look for an angel investor. Getting an angel investor is never easy . but if you know the tricks to convince one to become an investor in your forex idea, then you are close to making money from forex trade. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to get an angel investor. I will show you how to get one.
How To Get An Angel Investor For Your Forex Business.

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Like I mentioned before, getting an angel investor is not easy. But you can follow this my techniques to get one:

Family And Friends
First start by marketing your idea to your parents, relatives, siblings and friends. Tell them about the potential profit they will be receiving daily if they invest in your idea. You can show them your recent trades and profit margins. If you don’t have trading profit to show them, open a demo trading account with any broker of your choice and trade using the demo account for at least two-three weeks. If you are a good trader, you will make a substantial amount of profit from your demo account. Show your potential investors your demo account trades and profits as proof. Also, let them know that it’s not a real account and that profit might differ when it comes to a real trading account. If they like what they are seeing, then they will likely invest in your idea.

Social Media
Another way you can get an angel investor is through social media. Social media is becoming very popular these days. They are a lot of people using social media. You can find an investor on social media. How do you do this? First, you join groups on social media that focus on forex. You can find these groups on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, telegram, etc. post on these groups telling members about your services. Show them proof in the form of pictures. This way, you can get one or two people who would want to invest in your idea.
When you are searching for an investor, there are certain things you should avoid so that you might not drive away investors. We will look at some of those things:

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When looking for an investor for your trading business, be always honest about your trading experience. Don’t over exaggerate your experience level at the same time; don’t sell yourself short. If you have spent five years in forex trading, then let you investor know that you have five years of experience. Being honest with your clients about your experience makes them trust you and will invest in your forex business.

Another factor to consider when you are looking for an investor is the formula for profit sharing. I usually advise my students to negotiate a profit-sharing method whereby the client gets 70% of the profit while they take home the remaining 30%. You can negotiate a formula of 60-40%. Where the client receives 60%, and you take the remaining 40%. Don’t be greedy and request that you receive 50% of the profit.

Account Opening
When you are selling your idea to potential investors, let them know that they will be the ones to open and fund their trading account with any broker of your choice. All you will be doing is to manage the account and trade with it. Let them also know that they will be the ones to withdraw the profit from their trading account. The reason is that most brokers have a policy whereby the credit card or payment wallet used to fund the account is the only one that will be used to withdraw. This is to reduce fraud. If your potential clients are aware of this, then they will be more likely to invest with you.

So if you are a trader looking for how to trade and make money from forex without invest a dime, then follow the strategies that I have mention in this article, and you will start making money from trading forex. Happy trading and welcome to the forex millionaires club.

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