About Us

hi, am Austin

some years back, I was looking for ways to make money and live the life of my dream. I tried out many things just to make money but none of them was profitable. I spent a lot of time and money investing in these ideas but none gave me any return. not until a friend introduced me to forex trading.

when I started trading forex 10 years back, I was a complete novice and lose a lot of my hard earn money. I spend huge amount of money buying forex tutorials, ebooks, signals and apps. I nearly give up but my friends advise me to keep going and today I am an experienced forex trader who now has students am teaching on how to make money with forex.

from my experience with forex trading, I know what it’s like to be a dummy in the field of forex and losing a lot of money. that’s why I created this blog so as to enlighten news traders everything they need to know about forex trading and how to go about it.

articles on my blog are well researched and written based on my experience with forex trading. if you follow my instructions, you could become a millionaire with forex trading.

I have made a lot of money from forex and I know you too if you put more effort into learning.